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This paragraph is from a 2003 Kurzweil article//

Article Link:

“When we want to experience real reality, the nanobots just stay in position (in the capillaries) and do nothing. If we want to enter virtual reality, they suppress all of the inputs coming from the real senses, and replace them with the signals that would be appropriate for the virtual environment. You (i.e., your brain) could decide to cause your muscles and limbs to move as you normally would, but the nanobots again intercept these interneuronal signals, suppress your real limbs from moving, and instead cause your virtual limbs to move and provide the appropriate movement and reorientation in the virtual environment.”



  1. When we dream our brains send the normal “walk, run” etc. signals to our limbs, followed quickly by suppression signals to keep us from actually moving… except for our eyes.

    • I notice that dogs dream vividly–REM and little barks and the twitching legs– however my cats just sprawl contentedly. I wonder if cats dream. The right nanobots and who knows–I could do virtual cartwheels like the ten-year-old me did once upon a time.

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